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There two ways you could do this – by inserting Word Art, or by creating section breaks in your document and unlinking the footers to one another.

A quick way is to insert Word Art on the text portion of the page you want to edit, and then drag it down into the footer.

To insert Word Art:

  1. Click anywhere in your document that is outside the footer.
  2. Click on the Insert tab, then click on Word Art (toward the right-hand side of the ribbon). Select the first style.
  3. Type your text in the box, then highlight the text. Go to the Home tab. To reduce the 3D effect, click on the font type option Normal. Then set font and text size you would like.
  4. Now you can drag the Word Art where you would like it to appear in the bottom of the page. Don’t click into the footer, just drag the Word Art down to the bottom of the page so it lays on top of the footer.

Another way is to create section breaks in your paper.

To change the footer on one single page, you will have to create three total section breaks:

  1. Click on the page preceding the page you want to change. Place your cursor on the last space of the page (within the text, not the footer). Then, Click Layout – Breaks – Next Page.
  2. Repeat this process for the page you will be changing, and the page directly after the page you will change.

Next, you need isolate that middle page so that its footer is not “linked” to the surrounding pages.

To do this:

  1. Click into to the page where you would like the change to appear and click on Insert -- Footer (Found next to the Add Comment box) -- Edit footer. Now uncheck the box Link to Previous by clicking on it. This will be an option if you correctly made your section breaks. If the Unlink option is grayed out and unclickable, you may not have successfully added your section breaks.
  2. Repeat this for the footer on the page immediately following where you would like to make the change.

Now, you will have unlinked two pages only – the page of the change and the page right after.

Finally, go to the footer where you would like the change to appear and make your edit. It should now only appear on the one page.

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