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The library offers two bibliographic management software options: RefWorks and EndNote


The library offers both Endnote Web and EndNote Desktop. 

Endnote Web is free for all, but if you sign up using your email address you will have access more output styles than you otherwise would. This is also a good option if you plan to collaborate on projects with non-NYMC affiliates. 

EndNote Desktop has additional tools that allow you to customize your own output style and more.

Both versions of EndNote have a Cite While You Write plugin for inserting and formatting your bibliography in Word.

Find more about how to use Endnote Online on our guide here

Find more about how to use Endnote Desktop on our guide here


NYMC has an institutional subscription to RefWorks. RefWorks includes the ability to edit and customize a style. RefWorks also has a tool for inserting and formatting your bibliography in Word via the Write-N-Cite or RefWorks Citation Manager plugins. 

Note that RefWorks has replaced Write-N-Cite with RefWorks Citation Manager for versions of Word from 2016 onward for MacOS users. However, RefWorks Citation Manager is unavailable for users who get their Microsoft Office products through NYMC. 

Find more about how to use RefWorks on our guide here

Both of these software are available in the Quick Links drop-down menu on the library homepage as well as on our databases page. Additionally, we also offer classes on both options.

When you are considering which option to choose, talk to your teachers, classmates, and research partners to see what they use. It is always easier to share references within software than across them.

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