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Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy is our very popular and cool database for studying and learning all about internal organs, tendons, muscles, and other structures of the body. With the highly accurate, peer-reviewed 3D-Imaging and graphics you can get inside and learn all about human anatomy as well as perform virtual dissections to further the depth of your learning. The database also enables you to rotate images 360 degrees to get a strong understanding of how human anatomy looks from different angles. Quizzes are available to help you study.

Accessible through our library’s homepage under the “Quick Links” heading we also have: Clinical Key and Access Medicine.

ClinicalKey contains a large collection of newly revised, current e-books with detailed, comprehensive coverage including: Netter’s Clinical Anatomy, 4th edition and Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, 7th edition and others.

Available through Access Medicine we have editions of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. This landmark guide to internal medicine contains hundreds of crystal clear, precise drawings showing relevant anatomy and processes. Also under the Multi-media drop down in Access Medicine are the Human Anatomy Modules. These interactive modules allow for visualization of the human body in an interactive, 3D format where both male and female anatomy modules can be viewed.

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